Square Enix has released a load of new screenshots for some of the characters in Dragon Quest Heroes II as well as a video showing off some of the gameplay as well as details of the quest system. So without further ado allow me to introduce you to some of the characters.

Meena (VA: Yoko Hikasa) is a well known fortune teller. She has come to the alternate world to try to find her sister Maya.

Meena will be able to use her fortune telling ability to rescue allies by letting the party know when a new enemy is arriving and she can also damage and trap enemies with her tarot cards.

Meena will also able to provide support with different kinds of debuffs and healing powers to recover health for the party.


Caver (VA Hiroki Yasumoto) had been travelling with his friend Terry. After they heard a rumour about an enormous tower which reaches the heavens he finds himself in the other world.


Carver specialises in close-ranged combat and has lots of moves like the ‘Knuckle Sandwich’ and ‘Flying Knee’.

Angelo (VA Yoshimasa Hosoya) is a good looking playboy with a charming personality. He is also genuinely a good and chivalrous man at heart and will do anything to save a lady from danger.

Angelo can attack enemies at a distance with his bow and arrow and can also provide support with his tambourine.

When in Zevion Castle Town you can visit the Quest Counter to see what quests are available. The quests range from defeating monsters, finding materials, or finding lost items. Completing these quests will bring you many rewards including things which will come in very handy on your journey.


Check out this gameplay footage that Square Enix has released, via V-Jump.

Dragon Quest Heroes II will be released in Japan on May 27. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest Dragon Quest Heroes II updates!

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