It looks like troubled times ahead for Vita owners of The Binding of Isaac.

As many of you are well aware; critical smash hit twin-stick, hard as nails, feutus with mummy issues, rouge-like indie title The Binding of Isaac is due some rather substantial DLC on May 10th in the form of Afterbirth.

This downloadable content promised to bring a whole plethora of new features and gameplay additions, which would culminate in over 100 hours of new content for the game. Some of the new additions contained in the DLC included A new playable character, Lilith, mother of demons, eight new bosses, new trophies and a whole host of new enemies, maps and items for fans of this dark shooter to get their teeth into.

However founder of Nicalis, Tyrone Rodriguez, in answer to a fans question on the PlayStation Blog broke the news that Afterbirth will not be making its way to the Vita.

In the message Rodriguezin says that ‘with the additional amount of resources required for new effects, weapon combos, bosses etc, Afterbirth did not run at a performance level that I’m personally happy with’.


This is crushing news, as The Binding of Isaac was an absolute blast to play on the Vita and its twin stick nature felt perfectly at home on the portable device.

Even though Isaac’s future on the Vita looks bleak, we can only hope that somehow Nicalis manage to turn it around and bring Rebirth to us on our favorite handled soon.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the story. Disappointed with the news of Rebirth’s handheld absence? Or has it been a while since you even thought about Isaac on the Vita?

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  • xxAcesHighxx

    This is savage news for me personally. I’d already put well over 50hrs into Isaac on Vita and was looking forward to diving back in. In comparison, I’ve only played a total of around 3-4hrs on PS4. Sorry Nicalis, but Isaac is just made for Vita’s pick up and play portability.

    Shame, I was so looking forward to the Afterbirth DLC.

  • Melucine

    I loved to play Isaac on Vita, I have platinumed it and still play at least an hour per day, but I don’t enjoy it at my PS4. I will wait for at least a 50% sale before getting it.

  • Steve Jaworski

    Broforce, Not A Hero, Binding of Isaac – they get absolutely no love from me on PS4 as they absolutely shine on Vita. These devs are chasing the guaranteed $ and somehow overlook how diehard Vita owners are with their purchases. Their loss..

    • Michael Rogers

      I’ve not seen Not a Hero running, but having played Bro Force, I really don’t think they’d ever have got the physics running on Vita properly due to CPU limitations. I’m sure I read an interview with the creator of Binding of Isaac that said similar for getting Afterbirth running on Vita. Behind the simplistic visuals are some seriously CPU intense physics routines etc.

      • Noan North

        dont try to tell me that vitas 4 core of 2000+ mhz have trouble with 2D physics… yeah 😉

  • sunbeam4

    that doesn’t mean they can’t make an update of what works.

    • xxAcesHighxx

      While I don’t think that’s the answer, maybe Nicalis will eventually buckle to demand and consult with someone like Sickhead Games to look into the issues of porting to Vita? It’s what I’d do!

  • Mr.Towel

    Yet they want us to respect indie devs and their lazyness…

  • Kevin Aaronson

    Bummer, don’t think I’ll pick it up for ps4, maybe for remote play if I find it on a sale.

    • xxAcesHighxx

      Yeah, I’ll be reluctantly skipping on this one, too!

  • Michael Rogers

    I thought it was confirmed a while ago that Afterbirth wasn’t coming to Vita? The Vita’s CPU isn’t up to it. Same for Bro Force actually, there is so much physics stuff happening on that game, having played it on PS4, I can completely see why the Vita version was a no go.

    • Diogo Pereira

      Nahhhhh…or simply didn’t sold well as they expected.

  • A low graphics 2d game like that, pssh okay..Indie devs

  • Noan North

    because framerate issues right? 😀 😀 fuck you