Touchfight Games have just announced that their over the top post apocalyptic golf simulator, Nuclear Golf, will be hitting PS4 and PS Vita this summer!

Not only have they dropped quite a bit of info concerning what players can expect from the game, but they have also graced us with a load of screenshots and a brand spanking new trailer complete with a suitably ridiculous metal soundtrack! Check it out below!

The team over at Touchfight recently made the announcement over at the PlayStation Blog, claiming that when the idea to make a golf simulator came to them last year they wanted to dial up the weirdness to 11. And if the trailer for the upcoming title is anything to go by it sure seems they scored a hole in one.

So it’s quite obvious that this is no Tiger Woods we are dealing with here. Rather a pixelated old school arcade style golf sim in which, according to the post, ‘each course is a race against your radiation gauge, which ticks up the longer you take to complete a hole. Soak up too much of the green glow, and then — whoopsie! — You’ll find your insides have suddenly become your outsides’.


So it is safe to assume that this game is not only going to be testing your relfelexes as you race against the clock but also your patience and determination as Touchfight assure us that ‘Death is inevitable on your first few attempts, but one of the things we love about watching people play is seeing their skills improve with each run’.

The guys at Touchfight also admit that they are huge RPG fans and as such have tried to implement some role-playing elements into their simulator. As for what these systems are they admit that it’s all to do with your balls; ‘we couldn’t resist the idea of creating golf balls that level-up and gain cool abilities. Each of Nuclear Golf’s unique balls gain experience the more you use them, unlocking powers that impact gameplay in fun and useful ways’.


As of yet there is no firm release date, however Touchfight seem confident that Nuclear Golf will be exploding onto our Vita’s and PS4’s this summer. And not only will the game support cross buy, but it will also offer some sort of PS+ incentive! Sweet!

So are you excited to have some Nuclear Golf on the go? As always sound off in the comments below and keep it locked here at the Vita Lounge!