To quote the enigmatic Professor Farnsworth himself; ‘Good news everyone!’

Collectors rejoice! On their Twitter account earlier on today Limited Run Games announced that they were ‘ecstatic’ to be teaming up with Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Renegade Kid to bring physical releases of Xeodrifter to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.


Back in august of last year we gave Xeodrifter a fairly lukewarm review of 2.5 stars and at the time said that the title ‘is a Metroid-inspired platformer that borrows heavily from other games to try and create something unique. However, the monotony of gameplay mixed with the lack of variety creates a game that is ultimately less than the sum of its parts. It might draw inspiration from several games, but rarely does it feel like those pieces come together in a fun or cohesive way’.

A firm release date for the physical copies has yet to be announced but we promise to keep you posted as soon as one appears.

You can read the full original review for Xeodrifter here and as always you can comment below to let us know what you think about the story! Is Xeodrifter a game worthy of a physical release? Or are there other titles you feel are more deserving of this rare privilege?

  • DCGX

    I may skip this LRG release as well, though the only LRG release I’ve bought is Oddworld. I tried the demo for Xenodrifter on 3DS when it was first released, and didn’t like the game at all.
    Users on CAG were complaining that the game is too short and too small (in digital size) to get one of these releases. I tend to agree with the second, as I look at LRG releases as a way to save memory card space.