Compile Hearts have been sharing a lot of information on their upcoming DRPG Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter on their official website, and it has recently been updated, this time offering information on the games Nightmare Battles.

Nightmares wander the prison walls, searching for infiltrators of the Divine Prison, clothed in ‘Nightmare Space’. They roam the area in real time and are constantly on the move, so there is no telling when you’ll come across them.

Nightmares aren’t the only creatures stalking you throughout your adventure however, as you’ll also meet enemies known as Marchen, killing these enemies will spray the area in large amounts of pink blood, the pink blood will help guide your way out of the shroud of darkness that the Nightmare enemies cover you in.

Marchen can be killed instantly should you study them carefully as they do have a weak point, but time and patience will be needed in order to accomplish this.

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is set to launch in Japan on October 13th, and we’ll be sure to share more news on the title as soon as we hear anything.