More details have come out for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, the information gives us more details on some of the characters in the game and the game’s Counter-Attack Battles system.

32 years old. A gentle and polite clinician rich in knowledge and experience. He is unfazed even in unforeseen circumstances, has calm judgement, and after drifting ashore, treated the injured Kahran while wandering about The Isle of Seiren looking for other people.

He opens a small clinic in the Drifting Village. In addition to providing medical examinations for the castaways using of his knowledge and skills in medicine, he’ll also become reliable in formulating medicine for Adol and his party members.

52 years old. An arrogant, always domineering noble from the Romun Empire. He is a selfish hedonist without regard for his position or status, and his arrogant behaviour doesn’t change when he drifts ashore The Isle of Seiren, as he makes no attempt to co-operate with the other castaways.

Not only does he cause trouble between the inhabitants of the Drifting Village, he even brings about trouble during he “Counter-Attack Battles” to protect the village…

A woman and tailor with a clean and lovely atmosphere about her. She boarded the Lombardia passenger liner with her husband, but worries about him since he was separated from her and went missing in the shipwreck.

She joins the drifting village and makes the best use of her abilities to work with the castaways as a tailor, but since she is weak by nature, she cannot cope with the island environment and can sometimes look off colour.

Counter Attack Battles
As you progress through the game, the beasts of the Isle will atack the village from time to time. During this time, utilising the power and defences you’ve accumulated throughout the game you can take part in special battles known as “Counter-Attack Battles”.
Ys-VIII_battle breaks out
Counter-Attack Battles can happen at any point, while you’re out exploring, if the village is attacked Little Paro will notify you and you can begin to defend the village with the rest of the castaways.

Once you’ve opted to fight off the unwelcome attackers the battle begins. Much like the other battles in the game the player will control Adol whilst fighting off hordes of enemies.
Ys-VIII_mid battle
While in standard battles you’ll get a game over if your HP is lessened to 0, in the case of a Counter-Attack Battle, you’ll only fail if the enemy destroys your last line of defence, the “Defence Fortress”, in the depths of the battle area.

The player will be able to upgrade the Drifting Village with various equipment that will aid the player during these Counter-Attack Battles and hopefully give Adol and his allies the advantage.

While Adol and his party are fighting, Dogi will lead his own “Dogi Side” team to protect a different entrance to the Drifting Village. Dogi Side fights automatically and its results are logged as scores for each castaway, which will also affect the stage result after the battle ends.
Ys-VIII_battle results
After a Counter-Attack Battle ends, you’ll get a score and rank based on the battle results. If your rank is high, you can earn a variety of bonus items, including super rare materials.

Counter-Attack Battles are entirely optional. If you choose not to participate in the battle then the fight will simply be left to Dogi Side while you continue with your adventure.

After a Counter-Attack Battle ends, you can choose to replay it in the form of a “Practice Battle” in order to obtain that elusive high rank or get that new high score.

During a counter-Attack Battle, a “Battle Progress Gauge” indicating Adol Side’s “Dominance” in battle is displayed on screen. Since you’ll recover more HP and SP if the gauge is higher, it is important to win through the waves of battles and maintain Dominance.

Each of the Castaways also have a unique skills that are automatically activated during Counter-Attack Battles. You can check out some of the skills below.
For example:
Ultimate Blow (Dogi) – Dogi rushes the battle area and deasl damage to all enemies with his prideful fist. This also induces a “Break” state that eliminates the enemies’ weakness attribute, allowing all three attack attributes to deal big damage.

Arrogant Confusion (Lord Kahran) – Causes a panic on the battlefield and gives strength to the enemies attacking the base, increasing their attack power significantly for a certain period of time.

In addition to creating weapons, armour and accessories, you can use the materials you obtain on the island to strengthen the Drifting Village’s defence equipment.

By increasing the stamina of your “Defence Fortress”, installing “Slingshots” to damage incoming enemies, and so on, you can take on Counter-Attack Battles more advantageously.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is due out on PS Vita July 21st in Japan and some time in 2017 for PS4. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as it arrives.