The PlayStation Vita community has spoken, and the Tower of Samsara‘s Kickstarter has responded in kind.

Recently we reported that pixel art platformer Tower of Samsara would be Vita-bound if a stretch goal of €60,000 was met, and that if it was met you’d simply have to buy the game for Vita as there wasn’t a Vita-specific buy option. The Vita community was both intrigued and saddened at the idea; wanting to pledge their love, but only truly interested if they could secure a Vita version for their money. That was back on May 4th, and now – five days later – we’ve got a bit of a turn around.

You’ll now be able to pledge a one-time payment of €15 or more to secure a Vita copy of the game on release, and the PlayStation Vita release has been integrated into the main funding goal. Huzzah!

You have spoken, and they have listened – but will you actually back up your word with your wallet?

Head over to their Kickstarter and help make Tower of Samsara a reality. The project currently sits at €6119 of it €42,000 goal, and has 23 days left in its funding period.

Let’s make this happen! 🙂

  • Archbreaker

    Now this is just me, but the title of this article made me think the opposite of what it’s actually about. 😛 When I read “ditching the stretch goal”, I thought you meant they were throwing the Vita version away. Hahaha. xD I’m glad that was not the case.

  • I think a better title would be “Tower of Samsara Returns the Vita Love By Ditching the Stretch Goal Requirement”. Just one extra word to make it less confusing 🙂

  • Chizu

    I’d love to back this but I’m to poor these days to commit money to something that may never actually release (yay kickstarter!).
    Would totally pick it up if it releases though.