We finally get a look at the first TV spot for the upcoming Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Falcom has released the first television spot for the next Ys title via their “NihonFalcomSince1981” YouTube channel, giving us a fifteen second look at the characters and gameplay we’ll be in for when the game hits Japan July 21st on PlayStation Vita.

Check it out;

Will you be picking up Ys VIII when it releases, or are you holding out for someone (cough XSEED? cough) to announce this for Western localization? Sound off in the comments below!

  • AndreasStalin

    I’ve yet to get started with the Ys series but we need this one, please bring it over!

  • Lester Paredes


  • Archbreaker

    I like it! 🙂