Koei Tecmo updated the official site for Atelier Sophie giving us loads of new details about the games Alchemy system and characters.

First up is the Alchemy system in the game, the player can gain new recipe ideas through battles, gathering, events and many other ways. The player will have a reference book they can look at which will help with finding the conditions for coming up with a new recipe. Once the conditions have been met the new recipe will be available for use. Some of the recipes are directly related to restoring Plachta’s memories, the conditions for these recipes will also be displayed in the book the same as normal recipes.
AS reference book
Once you have come up with a recipe, the player will need to synthesize it requiring the player to pick materials and the cauldron to use, all of which will affect the quality of the final outcome. Through the synthesis process you can add new traits and increase the attributes of items. The player is free to experiment with the alchemy process with many different factors contributing to the outcome such as item order and placement on the board.
AS synthesis
As the game progresses you’ll need better items to keep up, there are a few new techniques that will aid the player in the synthesis of better items. First is the Wonder Stimulant, when this is used the player will be able to collect better than normal materials. Next is to fight more powerful foes, the stronger monsters in the game will drop rarer materials and battling these foes repeatedly can be a good way to gain the materials necessary. You can also achieve better results by increasing your alchemy level allowing you to transfer more traits alongside other benefits.

You can check out a video below showing off the Alchemy System

The site also unveiled some new characters for the game shown below.

AS Corneria
A girl with the uniwque ability to duplicate items, runs a mass production shop

AS Elise
A girl who manages the bookshop she inherited from her grandfather

AS Fritz
A puppeteer who travels various lands, putting on puppet shows

AS Harol
the town clock maker. He inherited a clock shop after his father retired

AS Horst
A cafe owner in Kirchen Bell which operates as cafe during the day and a bar at night

AS Julio
A young knight belonging to the knights of the Church

AS Leon
A travelling clothier who casually wanders into the town of Kirchen Bell

AS Logy
A young man who runs a blacksmith shop in town

AS Pamela
A sister at the church. She has a warm and fuzzy personality

AS Tess
The cafe’s poster girl, who works only on certain days

Finally Koei Tecmo have shown off the official trailer for the game which you can see below.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book will be out for PS4 and PS Vita on June 7th in the US and June 10th in the EU. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more news as we get it.

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