Giant axes, dragons and magic all make an appearance.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End is set to release on May 27th in Japan and it is all aboard the hype train with the reveal of the RPGs opening movie.

It’s big, colourful and a joy to behold with huge battles, magic spells and colossal enemies and showcased. Check it out below:

Of course this isn’t the first video to be revealed by Square Enix. Previously we brought you trailers highlighting the hardware comparisons between all the different versions, as well as a gameplay stream showing us 13-minutes of in-game footage.

Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest on Dragon Quest Heroes II.

  • Buckybuckster

    I wish I could shake this sinking feeling that we will never see this for the Vita in the west. It would be a shame seeing how nice the game looks on the system sans a few frame rate issues. Aye, the love hate relationship I have with SE is KILLING me!!

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      I try to make some sense out of these company decisions nowadays but I find it hard to explain why some games made it to the US while others didn’t/won’t. I have no idea what’s the direction the Research Team at SE is taking, but it’d be much easier if sony gave us a poll and put their blog to good use. Something as simple as “Would you like for this game to come to the US?” could give SE a nice hint but asking sony for help with anything Vita-related at this point is pretty much useless. All we have to do is hope.

      On the other hand, even with the good feedback from the community, SE has remained silent about whether Rise of Mana will come:

      So your guess is as good as mine.