Once again we headed to the EuroGamer Expo, this time the more indie focused Rezzed event in London’s East End at the historic Tobacco Dock. The Vita itself was not promoted particularly well (what’s new?) but there were games there that ARE coming to Vita. So we played them!

Tobacco Dock


YIIK A Post-Modern RPGYIIK: A Post-Modern RPG
This 90s adventure from Ackk Studios features heavily on most wanted lists and for good reason. Colourful, vibrant and with a fantastic story heavily influenced by Japanese RPGs. It features multiple traps and puzzle filled dungeons and weaponised panda plushies over around 25 hours of gameplay. The build played very well and is very close to launch now.

yiikrpg.com | @ackkstudios

Stylised as a “booze ‘em up” and labelled as a game about Waifu Bartending, Va-11 Hall-A’s PC build here was the same as we played last September, so we have nothing new to add here, unfortunately. Inspired by older Japanese story driven titles, the game promises a lot a choice based dialogue in the story.

waifubartending.com | @sukebangames


This beautiful platformer has a different build to our Birmingham experience and was also the only actual Vita on the show. You control a variety of hand-drawn characters as they run, jump and glide across an ancient environment, pursued by a monstrous storm. Shu will NOT be cross-buy when it launches later this year, but WILL be launching on PlayStation Plus.

coatsink.com/games/shu/ | @Coatsink

Kick Off Revival

dino-dinis-kick-off-revival-screenshots-145630707314Kick Off: Revival
Playing this evoked many positive memories from years ago on the Amiga, and will be a welcome addition to the Vita’s library when it launches later this year. Employing that classic top-down look and featuring fast and crazy gameplay it also has single button mechanics and that special after-touch. Football fans are bound to enjoy this arcade experience.

facebook.com/KickOffRevival | @dndn1011

EGX Strength of the Sword Ultimate

Strength of the SwordStrength of the Sword Ultimate
This combination of a 3D brawler and a fighter was playable on the PS4 and looked incredible. The quality combo-based gameplay was exactly as it was when we played it back in Birmingham and was incredibly fun, if challenging. We hope that that beautiful art style makes it to the Vita without too many compromises.

swordultimate.com | @IventGames

De Mambo

De MamboDe Mambo
So much has been added to this charming party title since we saw it last, and De Mambo now boasts many new modes such as team battle and the incredibly chaotic ice hockey mode! Featuring single button action, the game is easy to pick up but hard to master, and will also be coming to PlayStation FIRST! We will have more news on the game next issue!

thedangerouskitchen.co.uk/demambo | @TDKitchen

EGX Hue and 10 Second Ninja X

In a world where everyone sees in grayscale, you play as the titular character, the son of a researcher who specialises in colour theory. With a mysterious ring with the ability to alter colour, you begin a quest to recover the fragments of your mother’s research, and your ability to progress is based on shifting the colour of the world around you. This one was very charming!

huethegame.com | @CurveDigital

10 second ninja x10 Second Ninja X
This game is crazy! As you’d expect from the name you have to use your ninja abilities to solve a level within just ten seconds. Armed with a sword, shuryukens and your reflexes you earn stars based on how quickly you can solve the level. It’s brutal and features 100 levels – 40 of which are remastered from the original title.

www.10second.ninja | @CurveDigital

EGX Lumo

Lumo is an isometric puzzle adventure from Triple Eh? Games, and features over 400 rooms to explore as well as many hidden secrets. Described as a “love letter to the golden age of gaming”, there was a lot to do on the demo and it was great fun. Coming soon to PS4, the Vita version will launch later this year.

play-lumo.com | @korruptor

banner-sagaAlso: The Banner Saga Update
We also caught up with VS Evil who are publishing The Banner Saga. As you will recall, The Banner Saga was coming to Vita, then wasn’t and now is due to Gio Gorsi getting involved. We couldn’t garner any new information from the team, but they did say that things are progressing well with the Vita port, which has essentially been restarted from the ground up on a new engine, and that will impact development. We hope to get more information soon from the team for a future update.

This article first appeared in May issue of The Vita Lounge Magazine. Look out for more exclusive and magazine first content in the magazine soon!

  • incpdo

    Lumo! for a moment i thought Kick off was that PSM game “Passing Time” a game i love even when is so simple , it is a shame so many games were forever lost in the dying seas of Playstation Mobile i quite enjoy some of them and i have like 20 games on another memory card. i cannot erase anything from that memory card.

    • Archbreaker

      Yeah, it is a shame. By the time I got my Vita, PSM had already shut down. I would’ve liked to try some of those games and even develop some games once I got some more experience.

  • Uchiha_Itachi

    Didn’t know we were getting strength of the sword ultimate, it looks awesome!

    • Archbreaker

      Yeah it does! I’m excited to play the co-op and PVP! There is going to be co-op and PVP on the Vita version, right? I would be sad if there wasn’t. I wish people could still back it, so it could reach the 100k goal and the developer would have to bowl in a pixie costume. xD

  • Archbreaker

    I’m excited to get The Banner Saga on the PS Vita. I never heard of The Banner Saga until I heard of the news that the port almost got canned. I’m glad that the game got saved and will be released on the Vita as I’m sure it’ll feel wonderful to play on the Vita once it’s completed. I’ll definitely purchase it when it is done.

  • Buckybuckster

    So nice to hear The Banner Saga was saved from the brink! Shu and Lumo have my eyes on them as well. Thanx for the info Murphy! Come to think for it, this little period before E3 has proven to be pretty fruitful for Vita for the past couple of years. The next few weeks could be pleasantly interesting. I’m marginally hopeful for some key announcements to be revealed at least!