Two new characters and two new Oni revealed.

In just over two months, Toukiden 2, the sequel to popular demon slaying game Toukiden: The Age of Demons, will be releasing on PS Vita in Japan. To get us even more excited, the latest issue of Famitsu has gone live with details of new characters and Oni who will appear in the game.

The new characters are:


He is a commanding officer in charge of the samurai unit. His weapon of choice is a long sword and he is on bad terms with Yakumo. As he wanders, he picks up outsiders to further strengthen his powerful military army.


The rule-abiding and overly serious Matsuru is vice-president in Touyas army. Her weapon is a bow and arrow and she is known as the merciless vice commander after Shinsengumi vice commander Hijikata Toshizo.

The two new Oni are:


This is a huge, beast-type Oni. Its massive tail has a sword-like growth, which is where its name derives.


Comparable to a wolf, this Oni is of medium size and has a big mouth. It also has a powerful tail, which is used to create strong wind and thunder attacks.

In addition, Koei Tecmo has revealed that Toukiden 2 will now be releasing for Vita on July 28th in Japan – the previous date of June 30th just not working for them.

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A gamer since the age of 10, Colin was brought up on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon on the PS1. After a five year spell of being a 360 owner, Colin has returned to the world of Sony through the PS Vita, and is loving every second!
  • Archbreaker

    This game sounds like it will be epic, and I always enjoy new characters and enemies in Tecmo Koei’s games. It sounds like it’ll be fun a game. I still need to start this series though. 😛 I’ll probably start with the first one.

    • Lester Paredes

      I’d start with Toukiden Kiwami, as it has all the content of Toukiden Age of Demons and more weapons and characters (eventually). Only giving you a heads up because I can’t ever find Kiwami on store shelves, just the vanilla edition.

      • Archbreaker

        Wow, you’re right. The PS Vita version is nowhere in stores. I’ll probably just buy a new one from ebay or somewhere like that. Thanks for the info!

  • hanzo_hasashi

    Im hyped for this. Quick question: Will this be less “boss rush-monster hunter” style and have aybe a persistent world, more than one hub/town? The open world aspect have me very intrigued!!!!

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      The open world aspect is the main reason I’m interested in this, but at the same time, it raises a few questions like how is multiplayer going to work? Can we count on the bots or local/online co-op? Or both? If Near was still a thing on the Vita, it could be a great tool to share your items with other players’ around the world, just like Ragnarok Odyssey Ace did. As to your question, I believe when it comes to an open-world Monster Hunter like this, there will be no “boss rush”, but more strategic action: picking the right tools, cutting off the right parts.. that sort of thing.
      The fact that Koei delayed this game for an extra month in order to improve quality only makes me want to play this game as soon as it’s out even MOAR!