The release date for Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden has finally been announced during a live stream. The game will launch on August 3rd on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in Japan. The game will cost 6,800 yen on PS4 and PS3 and 5,800 yen on PS Vita.

Koei Tecmo will also be releasing a “Treasure Box” limited edition for all platforms. The Treasure Box edition will include, the original soundtrack, a Dynasty Warriors 15th anniversary character creation book, a Long poster collection, a code for the “Yukata Costume” for Li Xia in game as well as a copy of the game. First print versions of the game will also include a “Diao Chan” costume for Li Xia as well.

We also got a look at the characters will be appearing during the game from each of the dynasties. Check out the images below to see which characters made the cut.





As you can see the roster is still pretty large though there are a few omissions from the Dynasty Warriors 8 lineup. I would say quality over quantity but given the large roster already it seems strange to leave characters out.

Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more news about Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden in the lead up to launch.

  • Archbreaker

    Woah! Wait! What!? Already!? Wow so soon… I’m excited. I’m surprised they cut so many characters though. I actually didn’t think they would do that again since the bitterness left behind in DW6. Most of Jin is gone, Zuo Ci is gone, Guan Suo and Bao Sanniang from Shu are gone, Ding Feng from Wu, and Wang Yi and Pang De are gone from Wei. Darn though, I was hoping this year would finally be the announcement for DW9 and maybe even get released late this year. Actually it might still get announced, but it won’t be getting released soon with this game releasing before it. Oh well. This game will be fun too.