In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, NIS America has unveiled a new trailer showcasing the new classes that will be available in Grand Kingdom when it releases in June.

In the post it is also confirmed that the character classes showcased in the trailer are indeed the paid dlc classes that were released in Japan during the games original launch. However NIS are quick to point out that people in the West who pick up the game will be able to play these classes at no extra cost, as they are all included in the regular version of the game bringing the grand total of playable classes to a whopping 17!

And that is not all! Also mentioned in the post is the fact that not only are all the extra character classes included in the western release of Grand Kingdom, but the four Great Nation campaign add on content is also included straight out of the box! This means that the games original length of 12 chapters is now increased to a staggering 48 chapters which promise to offer not only new ways to play and experience the world with hours and hours of new content, but also expand on the story and lore of Grand Kingdom! Talk about bang for your buck!


You can find all of the juicy news, trailers and screenshots that the Vita Lounge has been amassing as we’ve covered the game right here! And as always we’ll keep you posted on any new bits of info we come across as the game nears its launch here in the West!

Grand Kingdom releases on PS Vita on June 17th

  • Archbreaker

    I’m psyched to get this game. So glad there are retail releases.

  • Zero Eternity

    That video just sold me on this game. I love that you can see the skill and attack effects.

  • Daniel Dominguez

    so is this the sequel to grand knights? never finished that game. And does it plays like valkyrie profile?