Get better acquainted with the latest additions.

A few days ago be brought you details of two new characters and two new Oni confirmed for the upcoming demon slashing Toukiden 2.

The official website for the game has now released further info on the characters, with accompanying screenshots and story information. So lets start with the:


The game is set in the Meiji era, when the world was destroyed by the “Awakening”. The “surface of history” that had gone unbroken was ruined, and the “underside of history” led by the evil spirits of the rivers and mountains began to swallow the world.

The large demon Oni were seen in the North and began to head south, destroying all human civilisation in their wake. Warriors, known as Slayers, where sent to Yokohama to eradicate the beasts, attempting to defend the city from their brutal attacks.

Whilst this battle was happening, a giant Oni fell from the sky and a single Slayer was swallowed by a Oni gate that was opened.

The story begins 10 years later, with a Slayer awakening on a beach with their memory erased in the Mahoroba Village.


For those wanting a refresher, the characters introduced a few days ago were:


He is a commanding officer in charge of the samurai unit. His weapon of choice is a long sword and he is on bad terms with Yakumo. As he wanders, he picks up outsiders to further strengthen his powerful military army.



The rule-abiding and overly serious Manadzuru is vice-president in Touyas army. Her weapon is a bow and arrow and she is known as the merciless vice commander after Shinsengumi vice commander Hijikata Toshizo. She’s not all that tough though, as she has a weakness for cute fluffy animals!


The new Oni were:


This is a huge, beast-type Oni. Its massive tail has a sword-like growth, which is where its name derives.



Comparable to a wolf, this Oni is of medium size and has a big mouth. It also has a powerful tail, which is used to create strong wind and thunder attacks.


Toukiden 2
is set to release on July 28th for PS Vita in Japan after its initial release date of June 30th was pushed back. Before you leave, check out the gallery below for some more awesome screenshots.

  • Lester Paredes

    Thus game looks better each time I see it. Can’t wait to hear when it’s going to be released in the West.

  • hanzo_hasashi

    God I wish the Jpn Demo went up already to read impressions!!1