Someone calling themselves Mr. Tired has started an awesome looking Kickstarter project for a DRPG/Visual Novel cross-over called Undead Darlings – and there’s a chance it might come to Vita.

Advertised as a visual novel, RPG, and dungeon crawler, this new Kickstarter from the hopefully wide awake “Mr. Tired” looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It’s got crazy looking enemies, fanservice, and lots of charm – but is that enough to get it $115,000 in funding (the amount needed for the Vita goal)? We hope so.

Here’s a description of what the game’s about, via their Kickstarter page;

“Journey with and learn more about a crew of half-zombie girls through visual novel sequences and as you crawl through dungeons, beating up twisted creatures that were born from the fall of society in fast-paced turn-based RPG combat, and ultimately deliver the only known cure for what ails your party members to a place where it can be mass produced!

The visual novel portion contains a multitude of branching dialogue paths that, based on the choices you make, gives deeper insight into the different characters, whereas the RPG portion of the game uses a familiar but refined turn-based battle system with unique twists. Both of these gameplay features are contained within a dungeon crawler, meaning dungeons are explored from a first-person perspective in four cardinal directions, with the dungeon itself built like a maze and filled with traps and hidden paths.”

If that sounds vaguely interesting, you should check out their trailer;

Okay, now you’re hooked – right?

Well we’ve got some good and bad news if you’re looking to get in on the funding – the good news is that the game will come to PC and PS4 if the funding goal of $45,000 is met (it’s sitting at ~$10,000 with 29 days to go), the bad news is that you’ll have to fork over two-and-a-half times that amount ($115,000 in total) to see it on Vita.

Can we make this happen? Sure we can!
Will we? Only you can decide. 😉

Hope to their Kickstarter page to get the full lowdown, or jump right to backing it by clicking here.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s a lot of money for a vita port.

    • Archbreaker

      Yup, that is a lot.

  • Archbreaker

    The game looks like it’ll be fun for fans of dungeon crawlers. I’d like to play it on my Vita as well, and I like that there are kickstarters bringing great ports to Vita, so I think I’ll back it for the Vita port goal.

  • Gantkun

    I don’t see this happening, already backed there kickstarter for this last year and i came no wear near what they wanted.

  • Sweet! Let’s aim for that Vita stretch goal, am I too optimistic on this one?