Meet the ‘Students of Mobious”.

As the old saying goes, you wait for one gameplay video and then two come along at once! Caligula is an RPG that takes place in a virtual world called Mobius, created by a vocaloid known only as μ. The game see’s 9 men and women trapped in this mysterious world desperately trying to escape.

The first video, revealed last week by FuRyu and Aquria, highlights the “Imagainary Chain” battle system. This is a rather helpful feature that allows you to see how your attacks will play out before actually selecting them. For each party members action you select, the actions will update. Once you are completely satisfied with the outcome you can put the actions into action! Check out the 3-minute trailer below:

The latest video gives us a better look at the setting of the game and its inhabitants. In it, we see the “Students of Mobius” who reside inside the virtual reality world. The students who live there have a parameter known as their “Erosion Rate”, which shows how dependant they have become on the fake world. The music of μ, the creator of Mobius, increases this parameter. Students whose erosion rates have increased turn into enemies, and a battle will ensue if they discover you. Check out the psychedelic looking world below:

Caligula will arrive on June 23rd in Japan for PS Vita. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest info.

  • Archbreaker

    Nice. I hope it takes off well in Japan.

  • Yoyitsu

    Please get localized!

  • looks really good, though the framerate is really choppy. Hoping for a physical release in the west, or at least the usual partial english localization for the asian market