Trailer and new information revealed by Compile Heart.

The pirate themed RPG Genkai Takki: Seven Pirates is set to release in Japan on August 4th. To get us prepared for its release, we have been treated to the games first full-length trailer as well as information regarding various gameplay elements. Starting with:

Dungeon Exploration

Whilst navigating these areas, you’ll find plenty of loot. This will be mainly in the form of treasure chests, but also in the form of glittering items scattered around.



Combat in the game involves four party members battling in command-style turn-based battles. When fights begin, the player members turn order is decided. You can easily see what the order is, as it is displayed at the bottom of the screen.



The Chest

As we have explained in previous articles, a unique and slightly creepy feature is that of the “Chest Growth” system which characters will develop together. The bigger the characters chest the more powerful they will become. By using the PS Vita touchscreen, you can touch each characters chest to alter the size and softness. This system can increase characters stats, allow them to acquire new skills and make the chest parameter change.


When chest parameters change, so will the stats and bonuses gained by the character. The different parameters are as follows: Size, Upswing, Softness, Height, Spread and Spinginess.


For those of you perhaps not at all sure about how to properly work with each characters chest, here is a handy guide as to how each action will change the shape:

Poke – Tap the screen
Rub – Drag your finger on the screen in circles
Clap Against – Flick the screen
Pull – Drag in a whichever direction
Grasp – Pinch in
Mash – Pinch out


There is also a “View Mode”, where you can admire your handy work. Apparently you can also confirm their “Jiggliness”. No seriously.

Check out the full-length trailer below, where you can see all the features mentioned in action.

Keep checking back to TVL for the latest news on Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates in all its jiggly glory.

  • Lester Paredes

    I think I need this game.

  • Steve Jaworski

    I’m guessing this crap is Japan only..