Two new gameplay videos released for upcoming action title.

We have been treated to a huge cluster of gameplay videos for Marvelous Incs upcoming beat ’em up Uppers over the past month.

Previously we brought you the Uppers Rush and Pole Action videos, then it was the turn of the Brute Force and Explosive Objects gameplay footage and last week we showcased the Wall Destruction and Human Pole Action trailers.

This time we have:


Human Dunk

This reporter has taken a personal liking to the Human Dunk technique. Very effective…

Uppers is set to unleash on PS Vita for Japanese Vita owners on July 14th. There are currently two demos available, which by downloading either, you will receive a 500 yen discount on the downloadable version of the title when it launches.

  • Buckybuckster

    Boy, what I would give to have this modern day, old school brawler make it’s way westward! Seems like it would loads of fun to play.