Koei Tecmo has released their PlayStation Vita demo for Toukiden 2 in the Japanese region, so… what’re you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Earlier this month it was announced that the PlayStation Vita would be getting a Toukiden 2 demo to catch up with its PlayStation 4 brethren – this new demo being an updated version of the one originally released on the PlayStation 4, only tailored to Vita. Now we’re here to let you know it’s time to jump in, as though it’s not the 24th yet here in North America (where I am), it certainly is in Japan.

Clocking in as a 1617MB download, the Toukiden 2 demo is compatible with the PlayStation Vita as well as the PlayStation TV. In addition, the PlayStation 4 demo is getting an update to enable cross-play, which in turn means more people to play with (as the demo has online features).

Are you in? Click here and grab it from the Japanese webstore!

I’ve already got it downloaded and installed on my PlayStation TV, so watch out for some video on our Lounge Play YouTube channel very soon!

  • Archbreaker

    Awesome! I’m excited to see some Vita gameplay!