Deep Silver has released a new trailer for the upcoming Mighty No. 9, and it focuses on both speed and force.

Featuring forceful dashes, gravity-assisted dives, sleek slides, and tons of plowing right through, this new “MasterClass” trailer for the Kickstarted Mighty No. 9 takes the flash and adds a dash of fire; lighting the way for the hype to generate once more.

Check it out;

Too bad we still have no word on the arrival or progress regarding the Vita version…

  • Andromeda

    There´s been a lot of drama regarding this game, but I honestly just wanna play it. Jump n shoot games are my jam and I can´t wait.

  • Lester Paredes

    The commercial’s voice over sucks, but the gameplay looks like fun. Like they got a writer lifted straight from the ninties extreme fixation…