The first details for the new Plastic Memories have been released by 5pb. There are details on the games Schedule mode as well as pricing and limited editions for the game.

We now have the first story details for the game which will closely follow the original story although it has been confirmed that there are other sub stories for the player to explore. Read the excerpt below to find out more about the world of Plastic Memories.

Tsukasa Mizugaki finds employment at the Android “Giftia” manufacturing and management company SAI Corp, where he is assigned to the Terminal Service Division that recovers Giftia who have reached the end of their life span. There, he meets Isla, who he works alongside on a number of jobs, but before long whose own end of service approaches…
During the game if you choose the route in which you accompany Isla you will be switched to what is known as “Schedule Mode”. Here you’ll be able to set your schedule for the month. The actions that you select will be able to trigger a variety of events during the course of the story. Other routes will follow other sub-characters and is where you will find more original stories.
Plastic-Memories-Schedule mode
Plastic Memories will be available for 7,344 yen at retail and 6,480 yen for the digital version. A limited edition version is also available for 10,584 yen and includes an Isla SD figure. Early buyers will receive a promo code to download the “China Dress” costume for Isla and will also receive the “Dokidoki no China Dress” date scenario.

Plastic Memories is due for release in Japan on October 13th for PS Vita. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more news as we hear it.

  • Martin

    Looking at this is making me want this game more and more..say, what are the chances of localization? I mean, PQube and NISA are localized 5pv visual novels, like Steins;Gate and Psycho Pass, both of which already had an existing anime like Plastic Memories.

    • addictedtoretro

      The android / sci-fi premise sounds great. I really hope it gets localized. Would love to have that on my shelf.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s an interesting premise. However, I wonder if they’ll explore the deeper implications our just sick to the anime tropes. Hopefully, the former.