Meet the newest additions to the RPG.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is set to release in July, ahead of the release Nihon Falcom have revealed details of two new characters as well as further details regarding the ‘Extra Skills’ system.

The first new character is:


An optimistic person, who works at her husbands restaurant in the Greek region. She looks like a young beauty, but she is in fact 32 years old and has six children to look after. She is rather handy at all types of housework, which allows her to use a large kitchen knife for survival when she drifts ashore. As a grand cook, she will also use her cooking skills to help keep the survivors fed.



Once again from the Greek region, he is the heir of the rich Dior family. He is an 11 year old troublemaker, with a rather precocious way of speaking. He crossed over to Xandaria, keeping close to his father, but he decided to return ahead of time, boarding The Lombardia on his own. He managed to survive hanging onto the livestock Pikkard that were on the ship, then arrived to Siren Island.
It will be interesting to see how Reya fares, as he is forced to tend to the crops and the Pikkard. With such a privileged upbringing, doing chores such as this may just make or break young Reya.

So that is a brief introduction to the new characters, now let’s have a look at the ‘Extra Skills’ system.

To perform an ‘Extra Skill‘, you’ll first have to fill up your ‘Extra Gauge’. This is done by performing a certain amount of regular attacks. Each character has their own unique ‘Extra Skill‘ which is basically an an extremely power attack. Using one causes a lot of damage, covering a large area. You’ll want to really think before using one however, as it will cause your gauge to return to 0.

Here’s a couple of examples of characters ‘Extra Skills‘:


This is for the character Adol. It brings out a huge Aura from his sword, which is several times its length, allowing him to go on a rampage using all his power and extra range.

Glimmering Ice Blade Dance

This is a spin attack, which uses the characters crescent blades to destroy enemies. They then cause large icicles to appear, which drop on near-by enemies.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
is set to release on PS Vita on July 21st in Japan. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news on the upcoming RPG.

  • chizwoz

    This is looking a lot better than the last one. Lets get a western announcement please!

  • Buckybuckster

    My fingers are crossed that we will soon get a localization announcement seeing that the annual pre-E3 major VIta game period seems to have begun. Have faith!

  • M├írio Oliveira

    If there was a post about this i didnt notice, but i remembered about Pocket Rumble, wich is on steam and if enough copies are sold they will do a Vita port ( theyre at 25k and its 40k for the port), just a fyi for fighting game lovers to support.