Fourth trailer for upcoming mystery title revealed.

Last week we brought you the third trailer for Root Letter and unsurprisingly here we are over a week later with trailer number four.

Root Letter is a visual novel style mystery game. Your aim will be to try to solve the mystery of Fumino Aya, a pen pal who disappeared long ago.

Check out the new trailer below:

Thanks to our friends at Siliconera, we have a translation for the trailer as well, which is:

The first title of the series “Kadokawa Game Mystery”. A collection of adventure games that explore human drama, featuring local Japanese culture and history. √Letter is set in the Shimane prefecture, a land with a rich history and beautiful nature.

The player will engage an adventure to solve the mystery of Fumino Aya, a pen pal friend from high school who disappeared after leaving a mysterious letter. A letter delivered 15 years later…

There’s not long to wait for the games release, as it will be hitting PS Vita in Japan on June 16th. There’ll also be a western release at some point later this year, so keep checking back to TVL for all the latest Root Letter news.