First details revealed for latest Atelier title.

Last week we brought you the news that Gust and Koei Tecmo are working on a new Atelier title. The latest in the RPG series will be titled Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey and will follow on after the conclusion of Atelier Sophie, which was released last year in Japan.

Gust have annouced a whole host of new information for the game, so sit back, relax and dive into the treasure trove of information below!

The Story

The protagonist in Atelier Firis will be a pure girl who has never left her village and has never seen the outside world. Similar to previous titles, after an unexpected turn of events, she discovers alchemy and decides to explore the world herself.

As is a common occurrence in Atelier titles, choices made by the player will determine how the game will playout and who you will use your alchemy against. There will be new and exciting places to explore, including great plains and snowy mountains.


The theme of this game will be “Journey”, with players encouraged to create their own story.

So thats a brief introduction, here is the games plot starting point:

In a remote, mysterious area, there is a small underground town. This town was dug out from the side of a mountain, meaning that no wind can enter and sunlight is rarely ever seen. Knowing the season is extremely difficult.


A young girl resides here, who dreams of freely walking out into the world. This isn’t as straight forward as it would seem however, as a huge iron door marks the only entrance/exit to the town. Only a select few are authorised to travel through, with the young girls slender arms making it impossible to open.

She sadly watches people come and go through the door, hoping and dreaming of the day she will be able to leave.

That day may just have come sooner than expected ,as the girl discovers alchemy, sparking a chain of events that will change her life forever…

So now you know the plot, lets introduce you to the two main characters, starting with our protagonist:

Firist Mistlud


The protagonist of this title. She’s a 15-year-old girl who lives in a mining town that is closed behind an underground gate, and longs for the outside world. She has the special ability to find the location of ores, which she uses for mining work.

Since she has never left her town before, she has a strong dream-like admiration for the outside world. She finds out about alchemy after a certain event, and decides to journey into the vast world. She’s calm and quiet, but has a backbone.

Liane Mistlud

Firis’ older sister and traveling partner. She’s an excellent hunter and one of the few that are allowed to leave the town. She likes to spoil her younger sister Firis, and that’s something that’s known throughout the town.

Knowing Firis’ desire to leave the town, she secretly feels sorry for her sister’s current situation.

Now you’ve been introduced, here’s a little more insight into the story:

Firis’ only connection to the outside world is through an adventure book and of course her sister Liane, who is allowed to leave the town.

Liane makes a deal to allow Firis to leave the town. Firis is granted permission to leave and explore, but under one condition. She must become a “fully-fledged alchemist within a year”. Worried for her sister Liane follows Firis on her journey.


There are many different types of areas to explore in Atelier Firis, ranging from cold to tropical zones. A nice touch to the game is that Firis outfit will change depending on each area she is in. So a big wolly coat for colder climates to less clothing in warmer areas.


For various events throughout the game, there will not just be one method to completing a task. There are multiple ways that a task can be completed, with different choices made by the player leading to different outcomes.

In previous Atelier games, there has been a central town where the player can perform Synthesis. Atelier Firis will not have a main town, instead you will have to use a ‘Travellers Bonfire’ or set up a tent for a portable Atelier.

Similar to previous titles, Synthesis will be done in a puzzle-like fashion, where you combine items you’ve collected to create new, more powerful items. There will be a new ‘Super-Dreadnought Synthesis’ feature in Atelier Firis. With this you’ll be able to make amazing things, much too large for a standard alchemy pot.


As regular players will know, there are many different items you can find whilst exploring, but you can also find yourself up against large beasts on your travels. Using your travel companions and items you have synthesised, you’ll make battle with the monsters, who may even drop powerful items if defeated.


And finally, we have details of first-print bonuses and what they include:

Premium Box


Copy of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey.
Atelier Firis’ Visual Book
Atelier Firis’ Rare Tracks CD
B3-size Special Illustrated Cloth Poster
Three Atelier Firis’ Clear Cards
Special Firis Costume and Theme DLC

The Special Collections Box
(Exclusive to Amazon and the Gust Shop)


Copy of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey.
Atelier Firis’ Visual Book
Atelier Firis’ Rare Tracks CD
B3-size Special Illustrated Cloth Poster
Three Atelier Firis’ Clear Cards
Special Firis Costume and Theme DLC
Set of 9 Crystal Paper Weight Cubes
Special Collections Box-Exclusive B2-Size Illustrated Cloth Poster
DLC for Special Collections Box-Exclusive Theme

There you go, all the information you could possible want at this early stage.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey
is coming to PS Vita and PS4, though we await a release date. You can expect the first trailer after the NicoNico Live stream on June 13th. As soon as it is revealed TVL will be first on the scene.

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