The recently revealed Akiba’s Trip successor has been detailed further than just the initial announcement.

The newly revealed Akiba’s Beat is coming to PlayStation Vita this Fall according to the latest from Famitsu, and besides that cherry of a detail we’ve got some more information for you.

First up are details on the setting. The title once again features a high quality recreation of Akihabara, though this time the protagonist and his friends seem to be caught in a time loop where Sunday everything repeats.

The action bit of the game plays out in dungeons, which are the embodiment of this delusional time warp. Battles in these dungeons begin by touching an enemy symbol, and the combat skills of those in battle are modified by special headphone equips.

The next bit of detail lays out some of the main characters; starting with the main character. His name is Asahi Tachibana, and he’s a 19 year old college dropout who only attended for a year before settling into his current NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) lifestyle.

Next up is Saki Hoshino, an eighteen year old who moved to Tokyo to attend vocational school. She works together with Pin-kun (her familiar) to destroy the ‘world of delusion’ – coming across Asahi in her quest. Her familiar Pin-kun seems to think it’s pretty, but it’s not.

Then there’s also Yamato Hongo – a sixteen year old prank target who thinks he’s cool but is actually more cute, and Riyu Momose a fourteen year old living in the area.

Akiba’s Beat is currently 75% complete, and (as stated) launches this Fall in Japan.

Hey XSEED, you know we want this… right?

  • Ogerscherge

    Honestly, I kind of liked the first one, so I’d buy this for sure. ^-^

  • Britta Stabenow

    Sounds promising – I’m in!