Kadokawa Games and Dingo are bringing Reco Love to Japan in two versions, and we’ve now got the details on when and where you’ll want to pick up your copy.

The latest from Famitsu has revealed that Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach are headed to Japanese shores August 25th, prices at 6,980 yen each! That’s not all however, as Famitsu has also revealed the pre-order bonuses for different retail establishments – available below.

Purchases of the first print version of the game will net you a drama CD, as well as a special swimsuit for each version of the game. Blue Ocean will get the blue swimsuit, while Gold Beach will get the yellow (gold) one.

Purchase of the game at Sofmap will net you the following suits;

Lastly, purchase of the game at ebten will net you these suits;

As stated, Reco Love‘s two versions (Blue Ocean and Gold Beach) drop August 25th in Japan.

What swimsuit are you after? 😉

  • addictedtoretro

    “What swimsuit are you after?”

    I’m after the one with English on it damit! 🙂