It’s been a long time coming, but Aksys Games just announced that they’re bringing the conclusion to the XBlaze visual novel story to Europe.

It’s true! XBlaze Lost: Memories is officially headed to Europe, the title having been released in North America last August, and Japan last April. The sequel to XBlaze Code: Embryo, it sees you taking control of a girl called “Me” and going on an adventure to save someone you love, all the while accompanied by a mysterious character called “Nobody.”

If it sounds crazy that’s because it is, but in a great way. I gave the title a very worthy 4.3 when I reviewed it, saying;

“XBlaze Lost: Memories is not so much a sequel as it is something that enhances the first game’s story in every way. It features an enjoyable narrative, lovable characters, and a unique way of presenting the big picture; something visual novel fans will be sure to appreciate and enjoy. Just don’t forget to play Code: Embryo first!”

So when will Europeans be able to get their hands on this bit of fun? Very soon.

XBlaze Lost: Memories launches in Europe June 21st.