Acquire has released the first trailer for the recently revealed Akiba’s Beat, and Famitsu has added a bit of new information to the mix via their first online preview.

An action RPG set in a warped version of Akihabara, Akiba’s Beat follows seven characters who battle against creatures in dungeons borne from the delusions of the world. These dungeons are aptly called Delusion Palaces, and their internal structure will differ depending on their source.

Take a look at the before and after view of a Delusion Palace popping up below, as well as a look at some screenshots from within them.

We also get a look at art for two of the characters introduced the other day – Asahi Tachibana and Saki Hoshino;

Lastly, we’ve got the bit you’re really interested in – the debut trailer;

Akiba’s Beat is due out in Japan this Fall.

How’s it looking to you?

  • leingod

    So… this is more like Persona, fighting with a party and such? I just hope Akihabara itself isn’t full of loading screens.

  • Lester Paredes

    Please come West…

  • AndreasStalin

    Hm I’m starting to wonder about these PS Vita/PS4 releases. This game looks like a Vita title and as one that is developed for the handheld system first and foremost. But then it’s also released for the PS4 with some bells and whistles on but nothing really taxing on the system. So it’s a good looking Vita game that will look ok on the PS4. Still I might feel that the Vira version is inferior to the PS4 version and that again might make it hard to choose which version to get and/or make me feel bad about whichever version I ended up getting.

    On the other hand we have games like Toukiden 2, DOA xtreme 3, Resident Evil Rev 2, Attack on Titan, that looks like games developed for the PS4 and then shoehorned onto the Vita. They might even end up looking really bad and running like crap on the system. Still they’re on a handheld portable system and that in it selves might be enough to warrant a purchase.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the difference in the power of the Vita and the PS4 might not always make it such a good idea to release the same game on both platforms because it hurts the end result some way or other.

    Of course I understand why this is done (economics) and I’m happy that the Vita is getting games but if capcom had made RE rev 2 exclusively for the Vita it might have ended up performing much better on the system (even though I really enjoyed playing it on the Vita it had its faults on the production side).

    Then there is remote play which I have yet to really dip my feet into but it might make the whole ps4/vita which version get? a moot point. Shame that the Vita is lacking 4 buttons….

  • Karm

    The game looks great but the combat is giving me flashbacks from Tales of Xillia