Crank up up the volume and take a trip down Nostalgia Lane in the banging new trailer for Cosmic Star Heroine!

Robert Boyd, co-founder of Zeboyd Games, recently announced on the PlayStation Blog that he was pleased to announce that Cosmic Star Heroine will finally be releasing as a cross buy product for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this summer with the very generous price tag of a mere $14.99.

cosmic star

In the post Boyd also reveals a brand new E3 2016 trailer for the upcoming Genesis inspired turn based RPG, asking that viewers ‘have your speakers turned up for the full effect!’

Speaking of the music, Boyd is quick to thank the people over at HyperDuck SoundWorks for providing ‘the amazing soundtrack‘. And I think we can all agree that if that short snippet from the trailer is anything to go by – our ears are in for a treat indeed!

We also get a little sneak peak at the upcoming box art for the Cosmic Star Heroine physical release being handled by those wonderful people over at Limited Run Games! Check it out below!

cosmic star box

Looks pretty darn sexy if you ask me!

Boyd finishes up his post by reiterating that in Cosmic Star Heroine players can look forward to an epic experience in which you will be able to ‘uncover conspiracies, travel to exotic planets, fight unspeakable evil, and save the galaxy!

Are you excited for Cosmic Star Heroine? Are you as hyped by the trailer as we are at the Vita Lounge? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

And remember you can read everything we have covered about Cosmic Star Heroine right here and we promise to keep you updated as we hopefully get more info about the game’s release over E3!


  • kcz7

    Instabuy Day 1. Vita, cross buy, and only $15… Yup~

  • Lester Paredes

    Day one buy in a summer of day one buys. My wallet weeps.

  • Maru Krisis

    Day 1 buy all the way. This looks so good Man, this really is the Year of the Vita: another game in a line of amazing releases!

  • Steve Jaworski

    Looks fantastic. Money down!