Square Enix has released it’s DLC schedule for Dragon Quest Heroes II in Japan. The schedule gives details of five different packs.

The first DLC pack had a release date of June 2nd and included the following:

Additional quests for Torneko and Maribel & Gabel. Clearing these will net you the Slime Abacus weapon for Torneko, the Slime Edge weapon for Maribel and the Slime Claws weapon for Gabo.

You can also exchange MiniMedals for the following goodies:

  • Slime Dual Swords
  • Slime Rod
  • Slime Stick
  • Slime Staff
  • Slime Blade
  • Slime Axe

The second DLC pack is set to release next week on June 9th and will include the following:

A new boss fight against Estark (from Dragon Quest IV) – defeating him will grant you Estark’s Dual Swords.


There will also be additional quests for Terry & Carver and Maya & Meena. Complete Terry & Carver’s quest to receive the Slime Sword for Terry and the Slime Gloves for Carver. Complete Maya & Meena’s quest to receive the Slime Fan weapon for Maya and Slime Tarot weapon for Meena.

The third DLC is set to release June 16th with another couple of quests:

This time it’s the turn of Jessica & Angelo and Alena & Kirl. Complete these two quests to receive the Slime Whip for Jessica, the Slime Arrow for Angelo and the Slime Spear for Kiryl.

You’ll also get access to the following characters for the multiplayer dungeon, Space-Time Labyrinth:

  • Luceus
  • Aurora
  • Bianca
  • Nera

DLC #4 is due out on June 23rd and you’ll get another new boss fight, this time against Dragonlord from the first Dragon Quest game! Defeating him will get you the Dragonlord’s Staff.


You’ll also gain access to the following characters for the multiplayer dungeon:

  • Doric
  • Isla
  • Yangus
  • Psaro

The 5th DLC is due out early July and for this one you’ll get access to a multiplayer battle mode called Monster Coin Battle. In this mode you’ll need to protect the Labyrinth of the Guardian Stone by using Monster Coins.

Is there anything else you were hoping to see being released as DLC for Dragon Quest Heroes II? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lester Paredes

    I was actually hoping for the game to be similar to the first and not have any real dlc at all, but perhaps it was only that way in the west? I dunno, but I’m still looking forward to this game and am hoping for a Western release (full retail release preferably, but I’ll take digital only). If it’s digital only, I’ll eventually import an Asian English release, if there is one. Like I just did with Skullgirls (though, its the Japanese version, which already has english voiceover and text on the cartridge), just to complete my collectors urge to have a thing I can hold in my hands.