Tactical-RPG Grand Kingdom has received a new trailer showing off four of its classes, and it’ll apparently also be getting a “LiteDEMO” soon.

First up let’s take a look at Grand Kingdom‘s newest trailer, which shows off four character classes set to be available in the “LiteDEMO” when it releases next week. Classes shown include the Hunter, Medic, Fighter, and Witch.

Check it out;

Next up we have news on this new “LiteDEMO,” which will give players access to the first two chapters from the game. In addition, you’ll be able to take on one War (either invasion of defense) every day and contracts with any of the four great nations.

You’ll have access to one troop, and ten units. Services available for use include the Blacksmith, Trading Post, and National Shop – while character classes available include the Hunter, Medic, Fighter, and Witch as previously stated.

As for when this demo will be available, it’ll go live on the 7th in North America and the 8th in Europe – save data transferable to the full game at any time.

Grand Kingdom releases June 17th in Europe and June 21st in North America, but you can get an early bit of play in next week when the demo drops.

Will you be testing it out, diving in, or avoiding this one?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • DCGX

    Smart play with this extended demo.

  • Archbreaker

    Nice. I like the idea of the LiteDemo. I am excited to get this game, but I’m probably going to pick up Zero Time Dilemma first, so it will take me a while before I can purchase it. It will be great to have the Litedemo to play before I purchase the actual game.