Compile Heart has updated its official website for Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter with a whole load of new information including screenshots and a new trailer.

First up some more information on the battle system:

The protagonist Jack will fight alongside a maximum of five girls from the Chishiki Girls Squad. Whenever the girls take heavy damage they start to accumulate impurities.

When enough impurity has been accumulated the affected girl will be swallowed by madness and enter Blood Skelter Mode.


While in this state, the girl doesn’t listen to your instructions. The girl is mad and will use her power against friend or foe. To return her to normal you need the power of the Mary Gun.


Jack can use the Mary Gun, which shoots bullets of his own blood, to help the Chishiki Girls. This blood shot will purify the impurity that builds up inside the girls. Of course using this gun will cause Jack’s blood to decrease…use too much and he’s at risk of fainting.

As well as using the Mary Gun, Jack can act as a shield for the Chishiki Girls. However, this can also make Jack faint. If Jack has fainted then he can’t do anything for a set number of turns until he’s recovered. Faint too many times in one battle and he won’t recover until the fight has ended.

Next up, Compile Heart has released information on the living prison, which has been given the imaginative name of Jail.

Jail is hungry for the three great desires; appetite, sexual desire and the desire to sleep.

You can help to satisfy these desires both in battle and when exploring dungeons. Jail will grant you a bonus if you satisfy a desire to the maximum amount.

Once a desire has been satisfied a roulette wheel will appear. The rewards of the wheel will vary depending on if you are exploring the dungeon or in battle. You could get anything from status recovery to the generation of a new dungeon floor.


To satisfy appetite you need to gather the blood of enemy Marchen during battles.


Sexual desire can be satisfied either by licking blood in battle or by finding Emotion Points in Jail’s erogenous zones. These can be stimulated by touching.

Collecting treasure chests and collection points in the dungeon will also increase sexual desire.


Occasionally during the game Jail will suddenly become sleepy and enter Jail Sleep Time. While sleeping Jail’s desire for sleep will automatically be satisfied.

However things are not as easy as that! During sleep your party will take on greater damage. Also if anyone becomes incapacitated during battle Jail’s sleep will be disrupted and his desire will decrease.


And finally check out the latest trailer below:

This spooky looking dungeon crawling RPG is due out in Japan on October 13. Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for the latest updates on Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter.

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    okay I really hope this comes over now. When that clown like monster appeared I just thought oh Snap!