Marvelous recently updated their website with some absolutely stunning new screenshots and some new (if silent) gameplay footage for their upcoming title Fate/EXTELLA which releases on both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this year in Japan on November 10th.

As mentioned – the gameplay footage is silent as it was originally running as background decoration on the official website for the game. However it loses little of its impact due to the lack of audio and looks absolutely breathtaking! Have a look at Fate/EXTELLA in all its glory in the footage below.

Accompanying the new gameplay clips were also a whole host of beautiful screenshots and pieces of artwork for your eyes to feast on!

The press release also included a lot of information on not only some of the systems that are to be in place in the game, but also the cross save functionality between platforms.

So first thing’s first! Cross save! You will be glad to hear that those of you planning on picking up the game on both PS4 and Vita: cross-save will be possible between both versions.

We are also told that the battles you fight in Fate/EXTELLA are won by controlling areas of the battlefield. Balancing fighting enemies and defending the zones you control seem to be key to victory.

It’s been revealed that there is a gauge tied to playable characters that can be expended to unleash a special attack named an Extra Maneuver. The gauge is also tied to a combo meter that will fill up for as long as you keep your combo going!

And that, my lovely readers, is all the info I have on Fate/EXTELLA for you today! As always you can read everything we have covered concerning the game right here, and you can also sound off in the comments below!

Do these screenshots tickle your fancy? Are you planning on picking up both versions of the game or just one? We’d love to hear from you and as always keep it locked here at The Vita Lounge as we keep you updated with everything we hear about Fate/EXTELLA as it breaks!

  • Zero Eternity

    Looks great. Question though, was there supposed to be sound to it?

    • It’s actually the background video for the teaser site IIRC, so no.

  • Kaboom

    Hmm… Definitely looks good… But question is, is it worth it…? … And will it be released over here is another question.

    • Buckybuckster

      I’m sure someone is working on getting the story up, but XSeed has confirmed they will be publishing this for PS4 and Vita along with the new Akiba’s Beat here in the good ol’ west.

      • Kaboom

        Sweet! Another game to make my wallet cry then lol. … No seriously, my wallet is yelling at me right now. “Why man, why!? You have over 50 games in backlog!! STOP!!!”