Two more teaser clips have been released for the ever approaching Uppers, and this time they focus on helicopters and payback.

The new Uppers “Dropping Helicopter” clip shows off what happens if you launch an opponent under a fly-over zone, while the “Evade & Counter” clip shows you how to duck, weave, and then deliver a punch to the face. If you haven’t been captured by Uppers‘ plethora of ways to beat the shit out of someone, then I don’t know what else we can show you – aside from all these top notch clips Marvelous keeps releasing. 😉

“Dropping Helicopter”

“Evade & Counter”

Uppers releases July 21st in Japan – are you hoping for a localization too? 😛

  • Buckybuckster

    Could we just go ahead and announce this for the west already?!! PLEASE!!