Reco Love is set to launch in less than three months, so of course we’re bound to be getting hammered with new information. This time around we learn of four secondary characters, involved in clubs.

Reco Love is a love simulation and adventure game where you play a boy trying to get through the Summer. Involved in one of two clubs at your school’s Summer camp (depending on the version of the game you pick), you’ll be tasked with getting along with your fellow club mates – and above all getting along with the ladies.

But enough of that – you can catch up here, so let’s meet the new characters shall we?


Name: Miyuri Aida
Class: High School Class 1-C
Club: Cute Movie Club, Student Council Secretary
Blood Type: A
Birthday: January 5
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Likes: Gozen-sama (Nagisa Misaki), black tea, music
Dislikes: Standing out, rude boys

Miyuri is a quiet girl who simply doesn’t stand out in any way. Despite this deficiency, and longing for Misaki, she ran for the student council and ended up a secretary. Now, she’s Misaki’s lap dog; in charge of getting information for her superior. Unpredictable because of her devotion to Misaki, she shouldn’t be underestimated.


Name: Yuuko Uchima
Class: High School Class 1-C
Club: E-Movie Club
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: June 7
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Likes: Ghost movies, suspicious things
Dislikes: Movies that aren’t scary at all

Yuuko is an expert on ghost movies – and I don’t mean the fictional kind. She’s a mysterious person who is able to capture movies with a high chance of showing ghosts, and goes by the name Occult Yuuko.


Name: Kazuma Nakai
Class: High School Class 2-C
Club: E-Movie Club
Blood Type: O
Birthday: December 3
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Likes: Glimpses of underwear from low angles, under boob
Dislikes: Snobbish movies, studying

Kazuma is known as the Panchira Thief (panchira meaning “underwear glipse”), and is both spirited and quick when it comes to getting looks at naughty things. Aside from looking at underwear however, he’s a big fan of underboob (as am I, haha).


Name: Takahiko Nishi
Class: High School Class 2-C
Club: E-Movie Club
Blood Type: B
Birthday: April 29
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Likes: Cleavage from high angles, ambushes
Dislikes: Studying, exercise

Takahiro is tall, and he uses it to his advantage in taking outstanding cleavage pictures. Going by the name Munechira Shooter (munechira meaning “chest glimpse”), he is a bit of a sneak attack lover – using his kind face to get in close, and then busting out the hidden pervert attack. Don’t let his gentle personality woo you into letting your guard down!

All four of these characters are club members, and as such will likely be interacting with the protagonist quite a bit through the two versions of the game. With this bit of background information however, you’ll hopefully be able to navigate their awkwardness with ease.

Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: gold Beach launch August 25th in Japan.