The RPG will release in North America and Europe.

Gaijinworks, the team responsible for the PSP titles Class of Heroes 3 and Summon Night 5 western releases, have revealed that they are working on bringing Summon Night 6: Lost Borders to the west in early 2017.

The RPG, which released in Japan back in March, will release digitally in Europe, with North American PS Vita owners also being treated to physical copies of the game.

The English voice acting will begin recording later this month. Make sure you aren’t tired when tackling the game, as there is over 50% more text than Summon Night 5.

Summon Night 6 is set in a cocoon world named Fillujah, which is where Raj and Amu reside with their companions on a small island. Everything changes when a meteor falls into Fillujah and people from Lyndbaum begin appearing in this world. You can expect to meet characters from previous games in the series during your adventure.

Check out some new images from the game in the gallery below and keep checking back to TVL for all the latest on Summon Night 6.

  • Lester Paredes

    Aw man… there goes more of my money. I’m such a sucker for these kinds of strategy games.

  • Kumiko

    Gaijinworks?? Fuck us Europeans then, they never release anything in Europe, no matter what their stupid press releases say. It’s been months since SM5 released and they’ve maintained radio silence since then about it coming to the European PSN. They claim it’s sooo hard because of the PEGI system, but plently of smaller companies get their games through just fine, so they look like incompetents to me.

    I do not feel like making an US account or paying top dollar for a physical import copy, so no Summon Night for me this time either. Damn, I was so hopeful Namco Bandai were going to localize this by themselves.

    • Lhomity

      “Top dollar”? It costs me LESS to import from the US.

      • Kumiko

        Good for you. But my country’s import rates fucking suck. One dollar over 35 euros and you have to pay IVA taxes on the item plus import tax plus more money to get it out of customs. No thanks.

      • Kumiko

        In case you’re wondering, it’s at least 70 euros if the physical version is 40 dollars. And shipping almost always suck, so no, I’m not paying so much for a single game. Maybe that’s cheap for people who buy collector’s editions, but I go digital for a reason (ie. I almost always wait for 50% off sales).

        So yeah, maybe you should count your lucky stars before judging others. And maybe gaijinworks should actually go by their word and release their games in Europe so this discussion shouldn’t even be needed. But given that we’ve been waiting half a year for Summon Night 5 and years for Class of Heroes 2, I don’t even know why they bother mentioning Europe in their press releases.

  • Buckybuckster

    No complaints here! And Vita gets a hard copy version too! It really sucks that my friends in the EU get raked over the no physical coals once again. I loathe it when it happens here in the States.