Final Fantasy fans! Grab your gunblades, saddle your Chocobos and polish those materia orbs as I have some news for you! Square Enix have not only released a nostalgia filled new trailer for their upcoming title World of Final Fantasy, but have also gifted us with more screenshots than you can shake a moogles pompom at and a release date for the game!

The new trailer for the game can be seen below and as I said prepare to have your nostalgia glands (ew!) tickled as Reynn and Lann, the two main protagonists of the game, journey through the world of Grymoire in search of their lost memories. Along the way they look as if they are going to be bumping into every final fantasy character imaginable as we see fan favourites such as Squall and Cloud help them along their quest.

It also seems that mounts are going to be the name of the game as we see our two heroes traversing the land on series staples such as Chocobos and Magitek Armour.

We also see a cheeky couple of seconds of Tidus being summoned along with his trademark Blitzball mid battle! Whether or not summoning characters like this works the same way as summoning Eidolons or GF’s remains unclear but it looks incredibly impressive nonetheless.

And on top of all this it also seems like we shall be returning to many of the iconic locations that old school fans will remember fondly such as Midgar and Balamb Garden! Seriously I cannot wait for this game to hit just to see how many little nods to the older games there are, as it seems to be jam packed full of little easter eggs and bonuses for long time fans!

FURTHERMORE (that’s right there’s more!!!) Square Enix also confirmed that players who pre-order World of Final Fantasy will also net themselves a special character summon, the main man himself, one winged angel and a sword so big he must be compensating for something, SEPHIROTH! *franticly scrambles to pre-order game

Are you as hyped for this trip down memory lane as I am? Please sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts! Especially if we missed any tiny little details in the trailer! You can find everything we have covered concerning World of Final Fantasy right here and as always keep it locked at The Vita Lounge.

World of Final Fantasy will be released October 25th in North America, and October 28th in Europe.

  • Giant_Z

    Finally, thanks God!
    They didn’t cancel the PSVita western version!
    Congratulations everybody😄🎉

  • Collider

    Any idea on whether the pre-order applies to the digital version too?

  • Archbreaker

    Oh man! I’m getting on board the hype train! This game looks great.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice to finally have a release date confirmed! The game looks fantastic! Don’t know exactly why, but I get a lot of Kingdom Heart vibes from this one.

  • Blackwaltz

    Will there be an Asian release? If there’s gonna be DLCs that would make it easier.