We heard it was in development way back when, and then got a hint at a vague launch window, but now the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed some solid detail on the upcoming sequel – including a release window of this Fall.

It’s official; Demon Gaze II will hit the Japanese region this Fall according to the latest issue of Famitsu (and their recent online preview). But what is Demon Gaze II and why should you care? Well let’s dig in ’cause there’s actually quite a bit of information with this reveal.

The story follows the Asteria Revolutionary Party, which is established by to protagonist and company after they suspect the city-state’s leader in the disappearance of their foster mother. Something happens because of this, and the grand story hidden underneath this seemingly simple loss begins to unfold.

As for the setting, Demon Gaze II takes place several years after the first Demon Gaze, and a new generation of demons have come into existence. These new demons bear the names of constellations, and take on the forms of both humans and demons. Things are a bit different now however, as these demons don’t simply exist as summons – they’ll actually fight alongside you in battle as partners. They also don’t come in the same forms as the first game, with new demons like the “songstress” introduced to the world.

The locale is announced as Asteria – the same world as the first game. This city-state is surrounded by the ocean, but because of the success of the inn-tavern “Stella’s Place” has been able to develop rapidly.

The “Demon Gazer” of this new title is a young man called Signa, who gained his “evil eye” power by trading away his memories. Signa was raised with a bunch of other children in an orphanage, the one from which the foster mom I mentioned earlier was taken. He’s the leader of the ARP, and the one in charge of going after the city-state’s leader.

Alongside Signa is Muse – the manager of Stella’s place, and Signa’s Childhood friend. She’s considered the young leader of the revolutionary party, and seems to be Signa’s second in command.

Other announcements regarding the sequel include the return of both Prometh and Cassel Glondike from the original Demon Gaze, as well as the return of popular systems like treasure hunting circles and autopilot.

Oh, and here’s three early look screenshots from Famitsu. 😉

Demon Gaze II is set to hit Japan this Fall, who’s hoping for a Western localization?

-raises hand-