XSEED has been getting their hands on everything lately, and the announcement of their E3 showcase line-up has confirmed even more titles to come our way.

The lovely localization bearers over at XSEED (Marvelous USA) have taken it upon themselves to make it rain Vita games this week. First we hear about their publishing Shantae Half-Genie Hero, and now we’re hearing about even more titles they’ve got their hand in. Will it ever stop? We bloody well hope not!

First up on the announcement block is a game that was actually announced alongside the Shantae news, but was once again affirmed today – Exile’s End is coming to PlayStation Vita later this Summer.

exile's end

A futuristic side-scroller with a dark tone, Exile’s End has you playing as a lone mercenary; the only one who survived a crash landing on a planet that went dark. Attempting to find out why communication was cut off, you discover the remains of the planet’s mining colony – uncovering a truth that no man should have to bare.

Next on the announcement schedule is Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, which is headed our way this Winter.


The game takes place on the new world of Extella, and features a varied cast of Servants; ancient warriors of honor who survived the Holy Grail War of the Moon. Now that Moon Cell Automation is running the game however, they must battle in a digital realm called SE.RA.PH. – attempting to take back what they’ve lost.

According to the press release;

“Players will experience the story from the independent perspectives of the three heroine Servants and face off against foes from a variety of Fate productions, including characters from Fate/stay night, Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order, in fast-paced action. A new form change battle mechanic debuts in this entry to match its series-first gameplay style, transforming the player-controlled Servants and granting them considerable powers that allow them to devastate enemies and take formidable challenges head-on.”

Last, but not least, is the announcement that the very recently announced Akiba’s Beat is coming West this Winter.


The successor to Akiba’s Trip, Akiba’s Beat has you in the familiar locale of Akihabara once more… but with a twist. This time, the delusions of the world have warped certain areas of the district into strange dungeons that the protagonist and his friends must fight against. As the only ones able to sense the delusions, they have to be the ones to fight back.

That’s all for now, though I think that’s a great set of additions to the Western line-up. XSEED always seems to pick up games us Westerners would love to play, and I think once again they’ve outdone themselves this week.


Have any of these titles tickled your interest? Have you been hoping for any of them to come, and are now breathing a sigh of relief? Are you just pissed they didn’t announce something else you wanted? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Kumiko

    Akiba’s Beat is coming out this winter? Wow, only one season after the Japanese release, that’s pretty awesome. Go XSeed, I hope they bring over Tokyo Xanadu someday.

  • Lester Paredes

    XSEED is possibly the Vita’s best friend.

    • Noan North

      Yes they are but i would love them even more if they would translate Tokyo Xanadu and Ys VIII 🙂

  • Buckybuckster

    Great news! More games = more fun and more empty wallets for us all (not that we mind of course!) !