Marvelous Inc has revealed some new information about the upcoming Japanese release of Fate/EXTELLA, including new information on the characters, gameplay systems, and limited editions planned.

The first new information we’ve got to go through is regarding the characters, of which Artoria Pendragon, Gilgamesh, and Mumei have been detailed further. Let’s run them down.


Artoria Pendragon is a knight that supervises the Knights of the Round Table. She is a king given life by a dragon to protect Britain. With advanced combat capabilities due to vast amounts of magic power, a single blow from her is the same as getting his by a god. Her character class is saber, and her noble phantasm is the Sword of Promised Victory – Excalibur.


Gilgamesh is a hero of Mesopotamian mythology, calling himself “The Oldest King of Heroes.” In fact, he’s the oldest in human history – the king who became a legend. Taking in the blood of a god, he once lived among the people – but now he specializes in the killing of heroes. His class is archer, and his noble phantasm is The The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth – Enuma Elish.


Mumei is a sturdy person dressed in a red cloack. A cool-headed cynic, he’s very caring despite his exterior – but don’t take that to mean that he can’t handle himself. Despite not having a powerful Noble Phantom, and being an archer, he’s also proficient in hand-to-hand combat and can handle anything in his way. his class (as mentioned )is archer, and his noble phantasm is Infinite Creation of Swords (Unlimited Blade Works).

So those are the introduced characters, but that’s certainly not all the news we’ve gathered. We’ve also got new details on the game’s systems – including High-Speed Servant Action, Area Supremacy Battle, Extella Maneuver, and Data Share.


Fate/Extella features a system which allows players to move about freely on the battlefield while controlling a Servant, all the while triggering a variety of combo attacks. The battlefield isn’t just limited to the ground either, as players can launch aerial dashes and other airborne attacks, as well as guards.


Looking to an Area Supremacy Battle, they see servants attacking camps known as sectors. There, you’ll battle to win Regime Matrix keys which indicate control of an area. Winning will take 15 Regime Matrices, but each sector has a varying amount of keys – so you won’t need them all.

It’s also important to think of strategy when dealing with the enemy, as things like prioritizing attacks on a sector with more keys, as well as protecting a sector you own from the enemy are also important – not just fighting mindlessly.


Moving on, we get information on the Extella Maneuver; a special attack that’s triggered by filling and then consuming a gauge. It’s an area attack, which can collectively damage those surrounding the targeted enemy when it strikes. If you so choose you can initiate a continuous Extella Maneuver as well, though it will require consuming more of the gauge.


Lastly (with regards to systems anyways) we get news on the data share function, which allows you to cross-save with PlayStation 4, as well as exchange profile cards via PlayStation Vita (via ad-hoc). Collected profile cards can enable additional items for use in the PS4 version via save transfer, giving you a reason to get both versions (instead of just the Vita one 😉 ).

Aside from in-game details, Marvelous Inc also revealed the limited edition versions of the game, which are laid out as following with regards to Vita;

Regalia Box for PS Vita (8,980 yen)


  • A copy of Fate/Extella for PS Vita
  • Aruko Wada-drawn special box
  • Gilgamesh “Coldhearted Bloodless Warden” costume product code
  • Fate/Extella material – a supplementary book featuring Fate/Extella character creations, and a Kinoko Nasu-written terminology dictionary

That said, the “Coldhearted Bloodless Warden” costume will apparently be getting a change as the result of “various reasons” – which totally don’t include the fact that it looks too Nazi-like at all…

Moving on, those who want the game on both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 can grab the Velber Box Double Pack (19,990 yen), which has everything from the Regalia Box plus;


  • A copy of Fate/Extella for PlayStation 4
  • Saber Bride oppai mouse pad
  • Nero Claudius “Shackling Wedding Dress” costume product code


That’s right, you can get both versions in one pack!

Customers who purchase the game early will get a product code for the “Pure Night Dress” costume for Nero Claudius and Artoria Pendragon (pictured below), while those who pick it up at Loppi or HMV will get a product code to download a costume for a male character – the character yet to be revealed.

Fate/EXTELLA is set to release November 10th in Japan, and if those limited editions are too much you can always pick up the standard edition for 6,980 yen. Then there’s the localization recently announced, but that’s another story. 😉