Characters and various gameplay elements showcased in introduction trailer.

Spike Chunsoft have revealed a new gameplay video for Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma. In the introduction trailer, we see various elements from the game, as well as the “decision game” system. Depending on what players choose, different characters will meet their end.

Zero Time Dilemma is an an adventure/escape game where a group of people are locked up in a facility by a mysterious character known as Zero are forced into a death game.

The experiment wasn’t supposed to be like this.
Nine participants awaken in an underground facility, imprisoned with a strange black bracelet on their wrists. To escape, they must play a game with deadly consequences. The rules are simple–after six people are killed, the escape hatch will open. Who will live, and who will die? The choice is yours. Let the Decision Game begin…

Zero Time Dilemma is set to release on June 28th in North America and Europe for PS Vita, with the Japanese release coming two days later on the 30th.