Falcom has unveiled some new screenshots and information about characters and bosses for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Cashew (voiced by Yukinori Okubata)is the latest castaway to be introduced!


He was a sailor onboard the Lombardia passenger liner and has a great deal of respect for its captain, Captain Barbaros.

He’s a similar age to Adol and got to know Adol and Dogi during their time on the ship when they were working as temporary sailors.

He’s a hard worker and during the voyage cared for Adol like a brother. After the ship sinks Cashews whereabouts become unknown.

The game will be set on the Isle of Seiren on which there are many large creatures known as Ancients.

One of the Ancients that you will get to face is Clarion who is known as the ‘Hermit of the Silent Forest’.

Clarion can overwhelm its prey with its long sticky tongue and can also cause shockwaves by flapping its wings. It has the ability to change it’s body colour to blend in with its background which can make him particularly tricky to fight.


Giasban is known as the ‘Ancient Ruler of the Sky’ and is said to live at the large cliff edge at the heart of the Isle of Seiren.

It can soar through the sky with ease and can burn its opponents with the terrible flames it breathes from its mouth. Giasban also performs direct attacks with its huge winged arms and sharp beak. It’s ability to fight both on the ground and at a distance makes it a really dangerous foe.


Carveros is known as the ‘Guard of the Great Academic Center’. It is a guardian who has become a part of a wall in the Great Academic Center and keeps intruders at bay.

Carveros doesn’t move its body but can unleash a variety of attacks with its extendible head that protrudes from the wall. On both sides of its head there are 2 guard heads that move around to protect it from any kind of physical attack. They can also stop intruders by shooting blast shots and freezing cold beam attacks.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is due out in Japan on July 21st. No news yet on a Western release but hopefully they’ll announce something soon!

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