Compile Heart has revealed more information (and a few new screenshots) for the upcoming dungeon crawling RPG Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter.

Thanks to the update, we’ve learned more about the Chishiki Girls, who are extremely rare young girls born inside the living prison “Jail.” They have physical capabilities well beyond that of a normal person, and each has their own unique abilitiy as well.These girls are all named for women of fairy tales, however we haven’t yet been told why.

On the flip side, the protagonist Jack is one of the very few Chishiki Boys – which are even more rare than their female counterparts.

Moving on, we’ve also learned that in order to fight against “Jail” an organization called the “Dawn Liberation Front” was formed – and under their umbrella is a team called the “Chishiki Girls Squad.” Members of the organization tend to wear black, and are often seen protecting people from their prison’s monsters; Marchen.

While it’s true that the organization rescues a lot of people, their main goal has become to escape “Jail” completely.

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is set to release October 13th in Japan.