That’s right, more details on the Chest Growth systems…

The official website for Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates, the upcoming pirate-themed RPG, has been updated with some further information regarding the game and some of its features.

The first piece of info is in regards to Otton, who we introduced back in April. He is a veteran pirate monster kid and also serves as your mascot and guide. He rather strangely wears a bra as an eyepatch as well. You’ll be able to ride on his back through the game, allowing you to reach areas you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get to.

A status exclusive to Otton is called BP (BinBin: meaning hard). When enough BP has been gained, Otton can use his special attack called the “Otton Cannon’. BP is gained by issuing him commands.

The Multiplier (MP) in the game isn’t your standard one, with the M standing for ‘MuraMura’, which means “To be turned on”. Though similar to other games in the genre, the more damage you inflict and take, the higher your MP gets. When you reach a certain level, you will enter an “Enchanted” state which allows all your stats to increase. After this stage, you could even reach an “Excited” state which further increases your abilities.


When in the “Excited” state you can perform a powerful ‘Special Attack‘, which will send your MP back to 0.

Another new system for Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is “Egg Hatch’, which is where eggs from strange monsters you encounter will contain items that could come in handy.

Which brings us to the “Chest Growth System “. If you missed it, we previously gave you all the details you could possibly want to know about this gameplay element. But the only way to open the eggs is through the ‘Chest Growth System‘, which will allow you to stimulate them. The greater your “Chest” the easier it will be to crack open the eggs. Be warned though, some of these eggs will contain useless junk!




Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates
certainly is shaping up to be a odd game, but you can bet TVL will bring you all the latest details as we head towards its 4th August release date for PS Vita in Japan.

  • Buckybuckster

    I would so love to sit in on an ERSB panel session, just so I could see witness the reactions of the panelists to games of this sort. Looks like a lot of fun tho’…

  • Marius Henriksen

    Hope this is coming to the west

    • blackice85

      Probably not West, but quite possibly an Asian/English version.

  • Lester Paredes

    One desperately hopes for an Asian English release. This game sounds too ridiculous to not play.