Bandai Namco has revealed more information for the highly anticipated Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, including confirmation of two returning characters.

Both Agil and Klein (former Sword Art Online players) will join Kirito in this new adventure, and will be available in the Town of Beginnings for hire as NPCs. There are over 300 NPCs in the game, and players are able to create special bonds with them and offer them equipment. Obviously it’s impossible to do this to any significant degree with all of them, so you’ll have to pick your NPC partners carefully – as the closer you become, the stronger they’ll get because of it. You do want a strong party, don’t you?

Bandai Namco also announced some online details, including the fact that players will be able to enter raids and fight boss battles with both NPCs and other online players. They also said that we’d be playing in a “wider world” than we saw in the other games, with monsters not yet seen in the series like Shadow Demons and Skeletons.

Along with all this new information are a bunch of screenshots, showing off locales, characters, and monsters from the game;

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is set to be released October 27 in Japan, and this Fall in the West. As for more news, we hear there’s a Niconico event on the 27th of this month that’ll shed more light on the game – so stay tuned. 😉

  • Daniel Dominguez

    I remember nobody though sao hollow fragment would be a success on the west with the vita. We prove them wrong, there are a lot of vita owners who are anime fans and would love to see good games about anime. However although it was a large game, it wasnt really awesome. It got pretty repetitive because the story wasnt really important and the gameplay got stuck in the same pattern pretty soon. Secon sao game was not that succesful, hope they learn their mistakes and improve this one