European Vita owners have some wonderful archery based battling to look forward to as it was recently announced that critically acclaimed indie gem TowerFall Ascension will finally be making its way to European Vitas this month.

After releasing on North American Vitas in December of last year it was starting to look a little bit unsure whether the European version would ever see the light of day.

However Matt Thorson of Matt Makes Games relieved anyone of any worries they may have had in a tweet which confirmed that Europeans only have a matter of days to wait until they can get their hands on TowerFall Ascension.


This is fantastic news that European fans have been eager to hear for a while now, especially as we gave the game a very favourable review in which Brad Gruetzmacher described TowerFall Ascension as ‘multiplayer madness at its finest‘ before saying that ‘the game’s simple single screen, arcade combat allows for new and experienced players alike to quickly start up and let the fun begin. It’s fast, fluid, and fun‘.

If that isn’t a ringing endorsement I don’t know what is! So my European brethren, Will you be picking up TowerFall Ascension when it releases or has the ship already sailed for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below and as always keep it locked here at The Vita Lounge!

TowerFall Ascension releases in Europe on PlayStation Vita June 16th 2016.