NIS America has reached out to those who ordered a physical copy of Grand Kingdom with a disappointing bit of news.

According to an email received by a writer friend of mine named Nick, it looks like Grand Kingdom‘s physical release has been delayed by a week in North America – with the digital release and the European release still on track as previously planned.

In the interest of giving it to you straight (as always) here’s the details bit of the email in full;

Dear Valued Customer,

We are very sorry to announce that the physical edition release date for Grand Kingdom has been delayed in North America. This announcement does not affect digital preorders. Below shows the updated North American release schedule for Grand Kingdom:

• Grand Kingdom (Standard, Limited & Grand Editions) – June 28th

• Grand Kingdom (Digital) – June 21st (unchanged)

The release date delay for all physical editions in North America is due to a mix-up in our packing facility which requires disassembling and reassembling the product. This delay will allow us to ensure that all customers receive the product they ordered, and not an incorrect product.

We understand that a delay is disappointing news, particularly this close to release, and we would like to sincerely apologize for the extended wait.

To help make sure you do not miss out on our Launch DLC, we will be extending the one-time free download period for the launch day Lord’s Set DLC until July 28 in North America. We will be sure to keep you updated if any additional changes occur.

We thank you for your support with Grand Kingdom and hope that you continue to look forward to this title’s release!

Best wishes,

NISA Online Store

NIS America, Inc.

So there you have it – there was a packing error, and now it’s been delayed a week.

While this may come as sad news to those who were eagerly anticipating their physical copy of the game (especially after that demo which seemed to go over well), it’s only a week. We’ve seen much bigger delays and issues before, so I think we can deal with this small set-back.


  • Lester Paredes

    Dang. I was hoping to play this on my birthday (the 23rd), but I suppose I can wait another week. It’s not like I’m not in danger of perishing in an avalanche of backlog games… Wait… what’s that rumbling? *dies in avalanche of backlogged games*