Microstudio Pixel Lantern is bringing Bard’s Gold to PlayStation Vita this week, and we’ve got the details on just what you can expect.

Pixel Lantern’s Erdem half (the studio consisting of Erdem and his wife) took to the PlayStation Blog this week to introduce Bard’s Gold, which is set to hit the PlayStation Network this Friday.

A platformer meant to feel like – not just look like – old school “hard” games, Bard’s Gold brings back the challenge and no-hand-holding of yore. You are completely on your own for more than 100 handcrafted levels, which are picked randomly for each play-through. Your only salvation is a permanent upgrade system, which will allow you to slowly build up your abilities.

Check it out in a bunch of (PS4) screenshots below;

Bard’s Gold releases June 17th in North America and Europe, with cross-buy support between PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Are you interested?

  • Lester Paredes

    I dunno… it doesn’t look that interesting to me… I’ll have to wait for a review or a Blue Maxima video, whichever comes first.