Koei Tecmo has announced Berserk for both Japanese and Western markets.

Berserk (tentative title) has been announced as a musou style adaptation of the fantasy manga series, which follows two men in their very oppositely fueled struggles to find their purpose. One man takes the fight for survival route, while the other hungers for power. It’ll be coming to the PlayStation Vita this year in Japan, with a Western release planned (but not detailed).

Check out the teaser trailer for a hell of a tease;

Are you interested in Berserk?

So am I – so I’ll be sure to keep you informed as this bit of news develops further. 😉

  • Zero Eternity

    Berserk the manga? With Guts and Griffith? If so, Fantastic!

  • Archbreaker

    Awesome! I was hoping it would be Dynasty Warriors 9 though… 😛 Oh well, new games are welcome too. Dynasty Warriors Eiketsuden will hopefully give me some fun when it releases west as I continue to wait for that big announcement.

  • Steve Jaworski

    I had Sword of the Berserk on Dreamcast and whilst I never saw the anime, I loved the game. This one is on the radar. Quite the risque reveal trailer..

    • Buckybuckster

      I still have my copy! Was a pretty fun game for it’s time and one of the Dreamcast’s best.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice! I still have my Dreamcast Berserk game around somewhere. Always nice to get a confirmation of a western release at the same time the Japanese ver. is revealed. Saves me months of hopeful crossing of fingers! And on another unrelated yet obvious note.. Kyle’s been makin’ some “interesting” new friends on the interwebs I see. Sheesh LOL!!

    • Andromeda

      Sounds like somebody is getting jealous!! (JK I just had to) 😉

      • Buckybuckster

        Hah! I hope to never garner the attention of anyone who needlessly spews that type of vitriol! Thanx for removing that crap Kyle! You shall always be cool with us dude!

        • Haha, it’s funny ’cause they take all this time to post and think it ’causes me some sort of harm. It’s two button clicks to remove all of it and then I laugh and go on. ^_^

  • Andromeda

    Well it definitely teased me…

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Looks dope AF